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Friday, September 21, 2007

Book Browse Inside and Why It’s the Wave of the Future

UPDATE: When I posted about this the widget would take you to the HarperCollins book detail page. From that page there was a link to BookBrowse. Those links no longer appear on the website. I’m not sure why. So the coolest feature ever appears to be disabled :-(

Craig Miller of LibreDigital is here presenting on online marketing technology and he is showing an example of a widget that they’ve created for publishers who are storing their digital assets with LibreDigital.

And, LibreDigital is super cool. If I could use this type of widget for all the books I review, I would be a very happy reader and reviewer.

Why because I can tell you how good the book is, but it’s my subjective opinion. It would be great if I could give you a link to look inside yourself.

I am salivating, this is so cool.

Publishers—please start thinking about how to empower me as a fan of your stuff. This is one way to do it.