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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Northern Voice 2007

I’m at the Northern Voice blogging conference today. This post will be updated throughout the day.

Random Thought #1: Next year’s tees must be red. We’re going through the rainbow spectrum: year 1 was green, year 2 was blue, year 3 (this year) is purple. See where I’m going with this? It’s got to be red next year.

Really quickly here’s what I’m up to (but I’m paying attention so you’re not going to get a lot of details right now):

Anil Dash, good keynote.
Jason Mogus and Kate Dugas on social change websites and online activism
Dave Olson, really great paper point presentation on podcasting.

Check out everyone’s photos.

Derek K. Miller is Playing Now

Dave Olsen is just getting underway Three Ps of Podcasting and he’s got Penmachine Session 2 playing.

Hi Derek, we miss you.

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Moose Is Loose

MooseCamp Schedule is up. This post will be updated throughout the day as I add session notes.

Session #1: Mashups for Non-Programmers
My first session of MooseCamp, part of Northern Voice. A great demo session on cool tools that non-programmers can use to create pretty cool websites, applications or aggregators.

The Mashup page has links to the speakers’ demos, the tools they use and examples.

Session #2: Identity and Privacy on the Web
How many logins do you have? How many email addresses? How do you manage your multiple identities? How do you manage what companies know about you?

There’s no real answer.

One example: OpenID from http://www.sxip.com

AND, Boris Mann kindly mentioned that Old Skool logins for http://www.Flickr.com are being phased out. Ack, that’s me. I don’t read the messages sent to my Flickr inbox. Bad Monique. I also don’t read the text around the login box—I’m busy logging in. Bad Monique. So, without Boris I would have been very upset on March 17 when my Flickr login no longer worked.

So I now have yet another digital identity, this one with Yahoo.

Imagine if all your logins are store loyalty cards in your wallet. I’d need a minion to carry them around for me. But unlike store loyalty cards, I can’t refuse the login. I can’t limit the relationship between myself and the company. If I want to use the service, I have to fill out all the required fields: name, email, birthday, username, password, favourite colour, mother’s maiden name, blah blah blah.

Session 3: PhotoCamp
Kris Krug and the photo geeks talked white balance, tools and techniques.

Session 4: Favourite Tools Session with Tod Maffin
I’m sold. Just check out the wiki and the links to the tools: These are my favourite tools