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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Widgets by Susannah Gardner

Blogging expert Susannah Gardner got into the back-end of a couple of different blog systems and showed us how to add these widgets to sidebars and content.

(And David’s blog will be just fine—she’ll fix that little code error. I’m just kidding. Adding widgets is easy.)

Couple of widgets I learned about:
* http://www.polldaddy.com (cool surveys for your site)
* http://www.thisnext.com (cool this is what you want to buy next)

Duck Stories and Northern Voice

I was telling some duck stories earlier.

Duck Photo Shoot

Matt Mullenweg: Keynote Speaker Northern Voice

Blogging & Social Media: Where do we go from here?
Presenter: Matt Mullenweg

I’m going to listen.


* Most important thing about WordPress is the Presentation, ability to change the design (someone changes presentation every second)
* Facebook, most important thing is the Inbox, ability to send spam-free messages; 2nd is the photos (50% of the page views are to photo pages)

Form Dictates Writing: the tools affect the content people post.

Tools to Check:


4 million WordPress pages per [minute? day? month?] vs 2.1 Wikipedia pages.

photomatt.net is now ma.tt

Achilles Hell of Web 2.0 is spam.

Facebook’s “request” application crap is spam. This is their first big mistake.

Respect people’s time. Single guiding principle for any software development (for anything really: advertising)

Suggestion from recent research says advertising is clicked on by lower income, less education, spend a lot of time online.Let’s verify that.

Advertising needs to evolve. (Hello AdHack)

Megabrands are going to die or be the success model for blogs? Why do you put your brand name in front of everything? Why does each brand have so many sub-brands?

Yahoo’s Flickr, Yahoo News, etc.

Danah Boyd has a great post on this.

YouTube’s related video is their prized thing.

Wikipedia has in-line links as their key thing.

Open Source:
0. the freedom to run the program for any purpose
1-3 great “freedoms” of open source (study, redistribute, improve).

Firefox, Wikipedia (open source, open sourced)

Listen to the podcast of Matt Mullenweg’s Keynote Address.

Robert Ouimet of At Large Media recorded Matt Mullenweg’s keynote address. I thought it was a great speech. He clearly thought about the audience and delivered a top notch address. I think Matt is a very smart cookie, and he totally whipped Boris and I at Wii Tennis. Next time you’re in Van Matt—I want a rematch!

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Multi-Lingual Blogs and Websites

Jim DeLa Hunt

Canadian Tourism Commission should have a blog in multi-languages, in particular French and English.

Everyone here needs Hummingbird Translations, a great, local Vancouver translation company.

The plan is to talk about:

* Structure
* Content
* Tools
* Translation
* Process
* Politics

Good sites:
* Climb to the Stars (English and French, has summary of the article in the other language)
* Bank of Canada (official Canadian government bank, must publish exactly the same content in exactly the same moment)
* delicious tag of Nancy White on multi-lingual bloggers, Beverley Trainer developed Ruby on Rails platform to work, see ciaris.org
* Wikipedia is a massive, multi-lingual site
* Pop Montreal
* Global Voices
* Joi Ito
* Suw Charman
* Diego Leal, edu-blogger

Questions & Thoughts:
* The invisible posts that are not in your language.
* Tags are interesting way to allow for discovery, tag with multi-lingual.
* URL tells you content language, put in domain, i.e. google.jp
* Offer direction on language
* In URL, site.com/english/
* Joomlah “guess a language” indicator.
* Offer menu.
* Search engines, multiple URLs to same content.
* Ping translators of new content to translate.
* Dotsub comes up again.
* Network effects for translators, using IM

Voxant Talks about Secrets to Video on Your Site

How to mash up content, mid-role, post-role, etc. of licensed content on your blog.

For example, NHL is on YouTube without ads. If you’re not trying to make money on your blog, great, grab that YouTube feed without the ads. But if you want to make money on your site. Then you can add these pre-role, mid-role and post-role ads to licensed content, then Voxant is one place to investigate.

It’s an interesting way to add licensed video to your sites. And you can make some cash.

$6-8 average CPM on video

Using licensed, branded content on your site.


Voxant works with bloggers to show this content, 20% goes to bloggers.

Mochilla and Clip Syndicate are others.

Derek Miller asks about making your own video and uploading your video.



Why does video look like crap online?
1. Way it’s served. YouTube is Lighting Cast.
2. How you save it and load it. 5 Essential Tips for Uploading Video to YouTube

Other tips:

* We love Blip.tv
* http://www.video.ca
* triggit extension with search box
* TriggitTube Mogul
* Dot Sub

Northern Voice 2008 Starts Today

Woke up late today but thankfully made it to Northern Voice at the UBC Forestry building in time to watch the scheduling—my favourite part of the un-conference.

1st session I’m attending is enterprise use of wikis, blogs and other social media.

* Strike a balance between depts., divisions is to know are we sharing with others? Be as open as possible from the beginning. Only lock down pages and things than need to be revealed later.

* Blogs and aggregated data shared by email, which is familiar to people. This helps people get used to blogs.

* No emails with attachments. Put it in the wiki. The statement is “we have these systems, let’s use them.”

* Simply rules—if it has an attachment, put it in the wiki. This is an easy, task-based rule. Think about linking.

* Make it easy early.

* Need grassroots pushing with management buy-in and support.

* The guy who wrote the lunch reviews became the star in the company and things took off from there.

* The “poke” tool made it work in another company.

* Top should harness the power of the people at the bottom.

* Don’t say it’s a wiki. Here’s a resources page. Here’s a website with links. Here’s a page to bookmark. Don’t freak people out.

* Wiki is not a weird magical thing. It’s just HTML.

* Wiki search is sometimes bad.

Great session. Interesting knowledge in the room.