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Friday, February 20, 2009

Brett on Brands

Brett Macfarlane talks about brands behaving badly. Excess content. The lack of meaning.

What is the Coke side of life?

Isn’t brand more than colour and logo? Do brands really care?

Where are the guys saying: Let’s not suck. Let’s be good.

Your brand does not equal your identity (name, logo, colour scheme). What a brand really stands for is a bundle of meaning. And it’s a bundle that is completely out of your hands. It’s in the hands of the people.

Brett says the king of brands is Nike.

Building Brand

1. Who’s really interested in what you’re trying to do? Who is the actual audience?
Ok, so now you have a demographic.

2. Now what do you stand for? What’s the tangible value and meaning here?
You might not have anything meaningful behind you. “If you stand for something, you’ll have some people for you and some people against you. If you stand for nothing, you have neither people for you or against you.” Indeed.

3. What makes you you? What’s your point of difference?

4. A lot comes through in your tone of voice?
Should we be optimistic? How optimistic? Hmm, what does that mean. The fluff, the fabrication are done. Tell your story well. Then we’ll gravitate towards you.

(Monocle magazine: Check it out.)

5. Storytelling.
There’s a shortage of good stories told well. People want to believe in something, support something.


Blogs that Brett likes as brands.

Russell Davies
Adbusters (They are influential to ad agencies, agencies have these kicking around. The art direction is great. They do not waiver.)
Innocent (Juice company with a bigger purpose: healthy shouldn’t be hard. Great, open tone of voice.)
Nike Running blog

These examples all follow this:
Know your audience. Stand for something. Authenticity. Speak like a human being. Try not to suck.

Hey Brett, what’s your brand?
“Ah that sucks ...
“Being informed and independent. Think what you really think. Personally that frankness is in deficit. I like risks. I like be open, honest and frank.”

Why Blog, Anyhow?

Els Kushner is Librarian Mom
Started blogging in 2004 because she was a writer who wasn’t writing.

Lynna Goldar-Smith 101 Nights (art blogger, wrote for Sesame Street)
Started to blog as a challenge to herself. She was going to blog only 101 nights.

Anthony Nicalo Farmstead Wines
Why blog? Because there are skilled, artisan farmers making love to the land (in the best sense of that) and Anthony started the blog as a way to bring people closer to this process.

Rahel Anne Bailie (moderator)

31 Days to Better Blogging

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Northern Voice: Blogging Conference Feb. 20-21

Northern Voice is Feb 20 and 21 this year. UBC Forestry Building.

Registration opened yesterday and there was a flurry of activity. The conference sells out every year so if you are interested in attending, here’s the place to buy your tickets.

Dave Olson's paper point presentation

I will, under no circumstances, miss Dave O this year.


Friday is the best day for me to geek it up. I love the on-the-fly scheduling.

The Cool Shoes Project

The people attending, and speaking, all rock. (This is Megan Cole. Definitely worth meeting.)

Kris Krug

And you never know what kk is going to do, so it’s totally worth coming out to Northern Voice for curiosity sake.

Look mom! Blogging with no hands. (That’s called podcasting.)