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Friday, April 17, 2009

Book Review: The Virgin’s Tale by Sherri Smith

imageRome, 63 BC.

Aemilia is 6 and offered to the state as a Vestal Virgin. She’s 1 of 6 hand-picked women who symbolically protect the Roman Republic. You know that any book that opens with the girl being thrown into a tomb during the reign of Caesar is going to be a story full of peril.

We have moral sin. Death. Sacrificed animals. Girl-on-girl kisses (the innocent kind actually). Punishment by entombment in the latrine. Slaves. Virgins. Betrayal. Friendship. Love.

Author Sherri Smith lives in Winnipeg, MB. This is her first novel and it’s really well written. I think it’s a nice crossover novel. Great for adults and teens.

Simon & Schuster has a brand new website. Check out the book summary.

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