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Friday, April 28, 2006

Boris the Bunny

Magpie and Cake blogged recently about the The Essence of Rabbit. I’m a particular fan of the cartoon bunny. In fact my pet name for my mom is Rabbit.

No other living creature features as heavily in contemporary character design and art as the humble hare. But what exactly makes bunnies so irresistible to artists, designers and illustrators worldwide? Depending on the viewers’ cultural context rabbits can symbolise anything from insanity, alertness, defencelessness, all the way to promiscuity, magic powers and utter innocence. By condensing the endless variations of the rabbit motif into one ultimate system - a perfect bunny mandala - the true nature of the beast emerges: the eternal essence of rabbit.

Over 1,500 bunnies.

Here’s the close up shot of the bunny wallpaper design.

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