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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I just returned home from a meeting at the Shebeen Club. We had a great discussion about censorship, and then I stumbled across this clip of George W. Bush and Tony Blair discussing the Middle East crisis at the G8 Summit. It’s lunchtime, it’s candid, it’s oops you’re mic is on.

Link to Reuters video clip.

Thanks for the plug. The link, however, isn’t quite right. God knows I’m useless with Flash!

It’s http://www.shebeenclub.com. “Shebeen” is apparently the Irish AND African slang for a place to get hooch, so most Shebeen links go to Africa.

Incidentally, I put up the whole Blair/Porter thing on the blog, plus excerpts from the Japanese Kamikaze manual. I think I shall spare people the manual of Afghani jihad, though.

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