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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chapters Indigo Launches Social Media Site

Tara (aka Miss Rogue) over at HorsePigCow and I have a shared experience.

As an Indigo customer, I received an email note about Indigo’s new social networking site. You create your profile and then create lists of favourite books and join friends and do other social things on their platform.

My problem is that it’s on their platform and I already do the same things on Amazon. Now I should do them on both I assume because some of my readers buy from Amazon and some from Indigo. [Being cheeky: Thank goodness the independents aren’t on board with this whole social net thing.]

Wow, a lot of work for me as the blogger and friendly book girl. Redundancy department of redundancy.

But, I still want to applaud Indigo for making attempts in this area. I haven’t had a good chance to kick the tires, but it was super easy to login and update my profile. That’s a good start.

Where do you go to see this new site?

Check out Tara’s experience—same letter, same site, but she has a personal experience to share about trying to pitch this idea to Indigo years ago.
Here’s the post Chapters-Indigo Goes Social.

I was coincidentally browsing the Indigo website on Monday and found the new features. They seemed interesting. Except I could see a rating for book, but not who had rated it. And for the life of me I couldn’t find (1) any way to discover how long a book takes to get to me once I purchase it and (2) any way to contact the people behind the website to ask them how long a book takes to get to me once I purchase it. These seem like simple yet huge misses. What kind of business do they think they’re in that they don’t want to talk to customers?

Oh, and the inventory system that tells you if a copy of the book you’re seeking is in a store nearby doesn’t work. I found 1 copy of the book I wanted in the local Robson and Howe store, called the store and the clerk spent half an hour unsuccessfully searching for the actual item. In the store. For me to buy.

So I went to Amazon and bought the book I wanted and paid for priority shipping. True, fresh off my credit card story.

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