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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Digital Publishing: Connecting Publishers to New Media Consumers

Hello Publishing Friends! SFU has a workshop coming up Digital Publishing: Connecting Publishers to New Media Consumers.

July 23 - 24 | Thursday - Friday | 9 - 5 pm
Fee $275 CDN (all course materials provided)
Details on the Course
Registration info.

Digital Publishing: Connecting Publishers to New Media Consumers
Formats. Futures. Channels.

While most publishers are beginning the process of digitizing their back lists, digital technology has gained a toe hold in helping publishers market their front lists as well. No longer are titles digitized and pushed through select channels to have the process stop there. Content can be moved, indexed and combined with other publishers or books.

This two-day workshop, presented in conjunction with the Association of Book Publishers of BC, will consider success stories such as Japan’s $220 million in sales with Manga. We will also learn from some of the less successful initiatives.

And we will consider channels of distribution and the markets that are not being fully explored and developed, such as India where a significant majority of those attending universities speak English and whose market is primarily digital. Publishers need to have a defined digital strategy, much like their business mandates and business plans.

This workshop will provide answers and prompt questions to get the information you need to create your own digital roadmap. If you are not doing something, you may find you will soon be playing catch up. By the end of the two days you will understand the phrases and definitions and identify what kinds of formats best suit your needs. Some key points you will learn:

• Determine which formats can best deliver your content
• Determine business objectives for an initial foray into digital publishing
• Determine your requirements from third party service providers
• Understand XML
• Discuss the pros and cons of DRM
• Hear what the future of publishing may look like

This is an excellent workshop for new publishers, smaller publishers, or larger more established publishers who are past the thinking stage and want to begin to implement a digital strategy for their companies.

The PDF won’t download for me.  Is there an alternate way to sign up?  Thank you

Sorry for the delay, you can call information/registration at 778.782.5241 or 778.782.5000.

Also you can show up tomorrow and register at the main reception desk at Harbour Centre.

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