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Thursday, April 07, 2005

First Entry

To misquote Gauguin, where do I come from? Who am I? Where are we going? The answer might become clear later. For now, here’s my first post.

Exciting. A first entry. I know I have not been original in my title, but hey, I’m still using the unmodified “Butterfly” template, chosen at random during the install process. I like butterflies but I think that will be the first thing to go.

Starting a blog is a bit like moving into a new house. I like the neighbourhood, it’s the right size for what I’m looking for, and well ... I can change the paint colour.

I’ve been rather busy lately so the reno on the blog is going to be a slow process. For example, how do I change that About section?

Ok, who cares for now. I need to thank
Travis and Susie. They recommended ExpressionEngine, which I like so far. I need to learn how to use it, but that will come. More than that, Travis patiently walked me through the installation process. It wasn’t particularly difficult, but I am less than experienced when it comes to permissions and system preferences. So I asked for help.

Good judgement comes from experience, experience comes from poor judgement.

I made a good decision.

Can’t wait to explore your blog.

Was curious. Did you already know that quote from Gaugin, or did you discover it from reading ‘A Short History of Progress’? I’m reading that book right now, and am loving it.

I think it’s kinda neat that our blogs started up within a month of each other.  I look forward to trampsing around your site and mining for gold.


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