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Friday, October 17, 2008

Hello Cairo

I can’t wait to load photos and show you the soup of smog that we came through when landing. Wow!

Zamalek is the neighbourhood where Chris lived in Cairo and that is where the Rabbit and I are staying. I love, love, love it here. Cairo feels like a city I could live in, soup aside. I walked for 3 hours around Zamalek and there is a vibe here that I totally dig. I feel at home. The architecture reminds me a bit of some of the rotting buildings in Havana. There are Christians and Muslims a plenty, lots of mosques. The minarets look beautiful.

I went to the Cairo Opera House, and there is a ballet from Spain there tonight but I’m feeling rather cheap and don’t want to spend my money on ballet when I’ve yet to spend it on pyramids. We saw the ones in Giza when we flew in. What a thing to see. They look really small compared to the encroaching cityscape. Apparently there is a KFC right across from the Pyramids.

I am also wishing that we had more time here and could visit Luxor and Alexandria. Our trip originally was to Egypt, then we switched to Jordan, and it’s only because Chris was here that I was bound and determined to visit. You can’t be that close in the world and not pay a visit. But, alas, he is in Dubai, last I heard. Chris are you still out there in the world? I hope you’re well.

So tomorrow is a Saturday and I have no idea if the things/places I want to see are going to be open. Travel is such a crapshoot.

Here’s to loving this city.

(Wish you were here buddy.)

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