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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Site in Progress

So my learning curve on blogging has been a bit like the silhouette of a hockey stick, I’m still on the straight and narrow, no upward curve yet.

Well, slight upward curve. I discovered today that the comments feature is not working correctly. Why? Because there was an error in the template I downloaded. So part of that is fixed. Also I realize there was no preview comment ... that is sort of fixed. I have a template but it sucks and needs some help. But it does basically what you’d hope it would do. Preview the comment.

My apologies also to my new “members”. I’m glad that you’ve discovered this option. But I have no idea how it works. Welcome to my club. I’d love to tell you what membership entails, but it’s an elusive entity.

At this point, things can only improve. I hope you visit again.

Yes, you’re fully a blogger now—you crossed the line when you posted about the travails of tweaking your blog settings.  What’s more “blogger” than a blogger writing about blogging?

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