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Monday, September 17, 2007

J.K. Rowling Comes to Canada

I met JK Rowling in 2000 when she made her first visit to Canada. She came to the Raincoast offices and met each and every one of us. Then we all went to the Pacific Coliseum to hear her read and chat to the kids.

WELL HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m just getting on a plane for Toronto but here’s the Raincoast Harry Potter News Alert that I received just now:


J.K. Rowling Comes to Canada

J.K. Rowling will be making an appearance in Canada this fall! J.K.
Rowling will be appearing at the Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto on
October 23 for an all-ages event sponsored by Raincoast Books and hosted
by the International Festival of Authors. J.K. Rowling will offer a short
reading from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, answer questions from
her fans and sign complimentary copies of the final book in the Harry
Potter series for every fan in attendance. The event will begin at

There will be no tickets for sale and numbered and assigned seats will
only be available through random draws.

Beginning at 9:00AM Pacific on Monday September 17, Raincoast will be
holding an online sweepstakes for lucky fans, ages seven and older, to win
one of one hundred pairs of tickets to the J.K. Rowling Comes to the
Winter Garden Theatre event. Raincoast will draw ten pairs of tickets per
day for ten days, excluding weekends, from September 17 though September
28. For full details please go to: http://www.raincoast.com/harrypotter/.

The IFOA, working with The Ontario Library Association (OLA) and their
sister organisation, The Partnership (The Provincial and
Territorial Library Associations of Canada), will also be making hundreds
of tickets available for fans across Canada. Seating at the event will be
capped at 950 attendees.

“J.K. Rowling has always given priority to her fans,” said Allan
MacDougall, CEO of Raincoast Books, “and we and the IFOA have tried to
plan an event that reflects her values. The Winter Garden event will be
intimate, interactive and something that her Canadian fans will never
forget. We are thrilled to have her in Canada again.”


Raincoast Books of Vancouver is the joint publisher of Harry Potter series
in Canada in conjunction with Bloomsbury Plc of London. Since first being
published in 1997, the seven books in Harry Potter series have sold over
350 million copies worldwide and over 11 million copies in Canada. The
trip next month will mark the second occasion that J.K. Rowling has
travelled to Canada. In October 2000, she made appearances in Vancouver
and Toronto.


Remember my little site http://www.sinceharry.com well since I’m flying hither and tither, post on the site for me or post comments here if you are as excited as I am.

And in the post or comment answer this question: what has happened in your life since first reading Harry Potter?




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