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Monday, July 14, 2008

Portus: July 12, Masquerade Ball

Saturday I gave my keynote at the luncheon and that evening was the masquerade ball.  A little wrock (wizard rock for you muggles) and lots of costumes.

I went as a stylized version of Hedwig.

Monique & James



A Sugar Plum Fairy

Cute as a button!

Nearly Headless Nic

Nearly Headless Nic

Hedwig & the Phoenix


Bad guys have great costumes!

Great Costumes

Good thing my Gryffindor buddies are around.


Hep & Aziza

More costumes

Snape & Dumbledore

Snape & Dumbledore



Poor Winky. Fell off the butterbeer wagon.

Portus 2008: July 12

Albus? Aberforth?


Hi Monique,

Just wanted to say hi now that it’s been a few weeks since Portus.  I was the one who you asked to take you and your husband’s picture at the Ball (also the one from Manitoba).  Hope you enjoyed the conference as much as I did.  It was my first one and I can’t wait for Azkatraz!  I loved your luncheon talk as well so thank you for adding to the amazing experience of Portus.


Hi Shannon!

Thanks for saying hi. I’m glad you were around to take our photo. I like it a lot.

AND I’m sorry I didn’t get longer to chat with you. A fellow Toban.


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