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Friday, April 17, 2009

Shebeen: Old Publishers Have to Think

Come out to the Shebeen.

Old Publishers Have New Think Coming

The Shebeen Club
Monday, April 20, 2009
6:00pm - 9:00pm

What: Old Publishers Have New Think Coming call to arms!

When: Monday, April 20th, 6pm-9

Where: The Shebeen, behind the Irish Heather, 210 Carrall Street.

$15 cash at the door includes dinner and a drink.

And yes, it’s okay to show up without RSVPing first.

Gutenberg was an early adopter. Very few people know that.

Call to action from Monique: I’m going to organize a panel in Vancouver. We’re going to create a model for publishing and marketing books. We’re going to move forward as an industry. Leaders will be identified. Roles will be assigned. If you’re not open to totally change everything you’re doing, then you are not ready for this revolution. Don’t come.

Who’s in?

Monique Trottier is the owner of Boxcar Marketing, an internet marketing company in Vancouver, BC. As the former internet marketing manager of Raincoast Books, she spearheaded major online marketing campaigns, including online promotion of Harry Potter and the creation of the first Canadian-publisher podcast and blog. Her thoughts on marketing and technology can be followed on Twitter at “somisguided” or on her blogs at http://www.boxcarmarketing.com/blog and http://www.SoMisguided.com.

I’ll be there.

I would have liked to come but I am organizing a business meetup group tonight and this was thrown up with a little too short notice. Hope you have something like this again.

Hi Monique,

I’m intrigued and interested what the panel thinks about the future of technical book publishing.

Hope to see you this evening.

Hi Monique,

I was at the talk at Shebeen last night and it was interesting see the range of people who came out.  I’m interested to know how you felt it went and also if you have an idea for a next step in this process? 

Jonathan Langley

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