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Monday, April 10, 2006

Testing testing 1-2-3

I’m removing the index.php from my site and although I’ve followed the directions, I don’t truly believe everything won’t explore. This is a test. Not to panic.

On a side note, I was discussing computer crashes with a colleague and we were laughing about the fact that people expect computers to act goofy. To do things that we don’t understand. Anyone who has called support or an IT person has internalized the following, “have you tried shutting off and restarting the computer.”

This magical act of shutting down works in most cases. At minimum, it eleviates the desire to throw the computer from a second-storey window, and while you’re calming down, something magical is happening in computerland to make everything dippity-do again. I work on a Mac so when the smiley face guy re-appears, my smiley face appears.

Now we were laughing because this restart-behaviour is par for the course with a desktop computer, but what about other big computers? If something goes wrong with our car, we don’t pull over, shut it off, hop out, lock it up, wait a few seconds then start it up again. That would be ridiculous.

Ah, but with the small Mac mini that controls my life ... I wait by its side, cooing softly to it, and building a small catapult. I’m led to believe that it is a memory problem, as in not enough, that is causing my angst. I’ll add some decorative features to the catapult while I wait for that theory to be proven or rebuked.

Now let’s see if that index.php thing is still around. I hope not because I can no longer see the hidden .htaccess file on my desktop.

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