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Monday, July 14, 2008

The Craft of Portus

Lots of fans make incredible art.

Portus 08: Harry Potter dolls

My absolute favourite paintings were by Elizabeth Wu. This one in particular I really, really wanted.

Hermione by Elizabeth Wu

I have to mention my totally cool Snapefest bag. If you’ve never heard the Snapecast podcast, have a listen to the snapey, snarkiness of Snapecast.

Portus 08: Most Precious Gift

The People of Portus

Jim Dale, narrates on the North American audio books. Brilliant.

Portus 08: Masquerade Ball

Henry Jenkins, smarter than Hermione, Director, Comparative Media Studies Program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Portus 08: Henry Jenkins

I hope you don’t mind me barging in, but I had to comment.  I wanted that portrait of Hermione so very much, too, but sadly couldn’t stay to bid on it.  Elizabeth Wu is so very talented.

It sounds as if you had a good time at Portus, and your costume was lovely.

Barge away—She is wonderful!

I had a very fun time. And I can’t wait until next year.

“Henry Jenkins, Comparative Media Studies Program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology”

What? Since when? What happen to Franklin?

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