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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Desk Potato Diet

This might be treading into “sandwich blog” territory, you know, the type of blog that posts the minutia of someone’s day. I ate this, I went there, I did that ... but I need to have a little sandwich moment.

Yesterday I went for lunch. I walked to a little restaurant nearby. It was awesome. Awesome because the food was good and I was actually away from my desk. I spend more time at my desk than I do sleeping at night. I know this is wrong. My sore back and bottom tell me it is wrong. Yet I toil away.

Luckily, care of Lue, I have discovered a nutritional plan to suit my daily grind.

As a Desk Potato, you have specialized nutritional requirements. Although modern wisdom is that variety is the key to good nutrition, the Desk Potato prefers the traditional method of categorizing foods into Food Groups, and recommending that you maintain a pseudo-random distribution of samples from each of the major groups.

The Desk Potato Food Guide goes on to discuss the essential food groups of caffeine, take-out, empty calories, gummys and chocolate.

Chocolate is described as the “cross-over food between the sugars and the caffeines, yet soooo much more!” And I’ve also just learned that “gummy technology is a highly evolved food form, replacing the older, ‘sugar’ group.” How can you not love the gummy? “The gummy group includes not just Gummy Bears, but also such varieties as gummy colas, sour keys, sour peaches, floral gums, wine gums.” I enjoy the blue whale, the Swedish berry, orange sections, strawberries and licorice: black nibs and red twizzlers.

Are you a desk potato? Take the test. It’s a little outdated but swap Netscape for Firefox and you’ll do just fine.

I get what you’re saying - I’m such a desk potato too! My knees get sore from sitting, yuck.
Thanks for the food guide; I’ve just realized I’ve been neglecting the Gummys!

I too am a Desk Potato…

Rotating constantly between various snack food groups. Personal favorites include Jelly Belly’s (Cappuccino, Popcorn, Cafe Late (Distinctly different from Cappuccino.. and Coconut.) If it can be eaten while I’m on the phone then all the better… Coffee, Coke, Powerade, Water,
Perrier, and San Pelegrino are all great… and Slurpee’s lets not forget slurpees, Also the occaisional beer….

We should start a cult.

Trevor the Ad Guy

Slurpee! A true Winnipeg phenomenon. Even in the dead of winter, you must have one.

Thankfully I don’t have to experience the dead of winter any longer, however, the 7-11s here are few and far between.

I prefer cream soda and Dr. Pepper.

It never hurts to google yourself once in a while!

Considering that I did that web site in 1993 it is amusing that it still gets referenced once in a while.

To put it into historical perspective, I updated the site once already to change references to Mosaic to Netscape…

People look to the web for advice, and in the immortal words of Mary Schmich (aka. Kurt Vonnegut), “Advice is a form of nostalgia. Dispensing it is a way of
fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over
the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it’s worth.”.

Save the planet! Keep on recycling!

Hilarious. I’m glad that you found this small space in the internet universe.

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