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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why Microsoft Sucks

I’m sure there are many reasons but this is the one presenting itself to me today.

I have been sent an xml file created in Word. A file that really wants to open in Word despite my best efforts. The good news is that Microsoft Office recognizes that I’m on a Mac and there’s a converter that I can download and then I’ll be able to open the document. Do I want to do that?

Yes, I do.

I click the link to download the converter. But I come to a page where I find out I have to download the upgrade, install, then download the converter. Ok.

So I’m downloading the upgrade. This is all taking too much time. I’m having to read a lot of text to make sure I’m doing this correctly. The text suggest that I might want to print the page for future reference. That’s not promising.

Happily once clicking the download link, I get another page of instructions.

“In the File Download dialog box, do one of the following:”

Mmmm, that looks like important instructions? Ones that should be legible at all costs. Perhaps the most important text on the page. Here’s what I see.


Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like Microsoft should be better at this.

This is why I’ve avoided putting Microsoft on my computer.  I find that Apple iWork does everything I need, and it converts really, really well to Word, PPT, Excel, and lots of other file types (pdf, xml, rtf, etc.).

True, I like iWork a lot.

Great meeting you at Portus btw. Thanks for checking out SoMisguided.

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