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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Summary of the CMA Digital Marketing Conference

For my own purposes, I want these notes handy. If you are interested in reading about the Canadian Marketing Association’s digital marketing conference, then here you go and thank you for indulging me with your time. If you couldn’t care less, add a link to the comments page for something fun that you’d rather be doing. That way, when I leave marketing-land, I’ll have somewhere fun to go too.

CMA is going to post the speakers presentations on the CMA website.

In fact they might already be up on the CMA blog:

The CMA blog has a number of great contributors. They also have podcasts of the event, there’s links to photos. I’ll link to their posts below, but this is meant to be my archive of what people were scheduled to talk about, what they did talk about, and what I thought about what they talked about.

If you want more than my opinion, check out OneDegree.ca. I think they did a much better job than the CMA blogging about the conference.

Overall the conference was informative, I got to meet David Weinberger, I had an amazing roundtable on Social Media, which was moderated by Kate Trgovac, and I met lots of interesting people who attended the conference.

October 19

Morning Keynote:
Changing the Conversation: General Motors of Canada is Driving Success OnLine
Frank Trivieri, General Director of Marketing, GM Canada

It takes courage, commitment, and innovation to survive and thrive in today’s fiercely competitive automotive landscape. Nobody knows this better than Frank Trivieri, the senior marketing executive at GM Canada, one of the country’s largest advertisers. Frank will share surprising facts about GM Canada; where GM has been and where it’s going. He will discuss the role of digital marketing in GM’s turnaround strategy. Frank will showcase some of the innovative ways his company has been marketing online, discuss the lessons they’ve learned, and offer some words of wisdom for marketers who are struggling with the integration of digital and traditional media.

SoMisguided Post 1: Frank Trivieri talks about GM Canada

9:45 a.m.

What are YOU Thinking?
Steve Levy, President, Canadian Market Research Eastern Canada, Ipsos Reid

What are marketers (on the client and agency side) thinking and perhaps more importantly what are they (you) doing in the world of digital marketing? Steve Levy will provide highlights of an exclusive Ipsos Reid survey of Canadian marketers that will identify what is happening in this space and why. What will marketers be doing/changing in the near future? Who is on the cutting edge and what does it mean to be on the cutting edge? What are the key opportunities and major barriers in the digital marketing space? Is search marketing as big a deal as some would say and how are you responding to democratization/disintermediation? And amidst all of these issues, how are you organizing and staffing to meet some of these changing circumstances?

SoMisguided Post 2: Steve Levy on spending money online

11:00 a.m.

Six Pixels of Separation – How marketing connects in a digital world
Mitch Joel, President, Twist Image

It’s a small world after all.

While many marketing professionals are still struggling to understand the principles of online marketing, an entirely new generation of digital opportunities is already taking place and they’re being created by consumers.

Consumers have never been so powerful and have never been so in control.

But what does all of this mean to marketers, and how do we keep our jobs?

In this session, Mitch Joel will unravel the fascinating world of new marketing, consumer-generated content and social media. If media like blogging, mobile blogs, narrowcasting, podcasting, second life, viral marketing and search engine marketing make your eyes glaze over, Six Pixels Of Separation is for you.

Understand how these new marketing touch points are creating new conversations where the results are staggering and loyalty is off the charts.

Welcome to the new conversation. Welcome to the world of new marketing. Welcome to Six Pixels of Separation.

SoMisguided Post 3: Mitch Joel on Six Pixels of Separation

CMA Post on Mitch and his MySpace example

CMA Post about Mitch’s session

1:00 p.m.

Luncheon Keynote
Markets in the Age of the Miscellaneous
David Weinberger, co-author of the influential bestseller, The Cluetrain Manifesto

As information, commerce and social relationships go digital, the old constraints on how they’re organized go out the window. The digital age is also the age of the miscellaneous, enabling customers to pick and choose what they want—including not just products, but also opinions about products—from the universe of offerings. Markets are rapidly inventing new ways to organize themselves, based not on accidents of geography or even of demographic similarity, but on genuine interests and the sound of human voices. This changes the basics of what markets are, what they expect, and what they demand.

SoMisguided Post 4: CMA: David Weinberger on Humans and the Internet

OneDegree.ca Post: David Weinberger on Misinterpreting the Cluetrain Manifesto

CMA Post on David Weinberger

2:30 p.m.

Back by popular demand
Waiting for Your Cat to Bark? Persuading Customers When They Ignore Marketing
Bryan Eisenberg, Principal, Future Now Inc.

Good marketers know that customer-centric marketing is mandatory. However, we are not the customer. What the customer perceives as relevant is the thing that successful marketers must anticipate, plan and deliver on. Bryan Eisenberg shares insight from his new book “Waiting for Your Cat to Bark? Persuading Customers When They Ignore Marketing,” which offers details on Persuasion Architecture, a proven persona-based methodology.

Persuasion Architecture helps marketers anticipate different angles from which customers frame their questions and then co-ordinate messaging across multiple channels so that marketers can create predictive models of customer behaviour. Don’t miss out on learning about this marketing approach that can skyrocket the effectiveness of your interactive marketing.

SoMisguided Post 5: Bryan Eisenberg on How Marketers Fail Us

CMA Post on Bryan Eisenberg - Why are we so bad at the Online conversion game?

3:45 p.m.

The Experience Exchange
Back by popular demand, the Digital Roundtables are an exclusive opportunity for you to exchange insights with your peers on one of 13 different topics. A baker’s dozen of leaders in the field will moderate the Digital Roundtables and keep the dialogue and ideas flowing.

1. Podcasting
2. Blogs
3. Branded Entertainment
4. Conversion & Measurement
5. E-commerce
6. E-mail Marketing
7. Social Media
8. Paid Search
9. Search Engine Optimization
10. Customer/User Experience Design (Usability)
11. Wireless/Mobile Marketing
12. Future Digital Marketing Platforms
13. In-Game Advertising

October 20

Morning Keynote:
It’s All About the Content: Podcasting as a marketing tool
C.C. Chapman, Host, Managing The Gray

Podcasting is the hottest technology to arrive on the scene. But it’s not just a creative way to repurpose audio and video content to reach your customers: It’s a powerful mechanism to allow you to build a community and truly connect with your market. Podcasting veteran and new media specialist C.C. Chapman will discuss potential pitfalls, keys to success and insights into how you can harness the power of podcasting.

SoMisguided Post 6: C.C. Chapman on Podcasting

CMA Post on Podcasting is Apple Pie for Whales

9:30 a.m.

A Day in the Life of Today’s Youngest Media Consumer
Laura Baehr, Director of Marketing & Nonlinear, YTV (Corus Entertainment)

This session focuses on kids’ use of different digital media: What’s changed over the past decade? What hasn’t? What are eight-year-olds doing that 14-year-olds aren’t (and vice-versa)? How do kids play in this multi-media world, and how do they multi-task? What technology do kids own, what do they want to own, and how are they going to get it? Find out when the kids’ experts at YTV present a comprehensive look at today’s youngest media consumers and customers.

SoMisguided Post 7: Laura Baehr on YTV and what tweens are up to these days

CMA Post on Tween

10:30 a.m.

Industry Leaders’ Panel
Moderator: Mark Evans, Senior Technology Reporter, National Post

Jordan Banks, Managing Director, eBay Canada
Arturo Duran, President, CanWest Interactive
Patrick Lauzon, Executive Vice-President, Quebecor Media
Alex Leslie, Vice-President, Product and Technology, AOL Canada Inc.
David U.K., Director of Sales and Strategic Alliances, Standard Interactive
Ray Newal, VP Business Development, Yahoo! Canada

CMA Post: what they thought about the panel

11:30 a.m.

Closing Keynote
The Traditional Interactive Agency
Joseph Jaffe, President & Founder, Jaffe, LLC

As digital continues to enjoy unprecedented growth and continued success, is there a danger of falling into old, bad habits and the familiar territory of complacency, mediocrity and risk aversion? Is history repeating itself and if so, what can those tasked with the all-important charge of leading their companies and brands into the consumer-controlled world do to keep ahead and stay ahead? Are today’s interactive agencies and marketers structured, equipped and capable of best leveraging the onslaught of consumer generated content, social media and new marketing in general…and if not, what needs to be done about it.

SoMisguided Post 8: Joseph Jaffe on the influence of social media

CMA Wrap-Up Post